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Learn how to transform organizational culture from experienced agile practitioners in our free webinars

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What we will cover

In this free on-demand webinar we will be talking about

  • The first steps you have to take when transforming culture
  • How to create an atmosphere of trust
  • Why not to focus on employee mindset
  • How to foster employee engagement
  • and many more topics…

The host of this webinar

Christian Heidemeyer

What attendees say about the webinar

"I loved the webinar. The many different practical insights and views from all the experts were so helpful!"
Nicole Michelle Hoefer
Agile Coach
"The webinar was so valuable for me! Very professional both in terms of content and presentation. The expert interviews & real world experiences - I loved the format!"
Ana Popovic
Scrum Master & Agile Coach

Our Lecturers

You want to learn from experienced international practitioners who have been on the same journey? Go for it!

Vivek Saran

Release Train Engineer

Maureen Becker

Scaled Agile Framework Coach & Trainer

Sean Depkin

SAFe Program Coach

Eric OBrien

Principal Agile Coach

John Nguyen

Agile Delivery Lead

Christian Heidemeyer

Psychologist and Scrum Master

How our webinars are structured

We provide you with free best practices & learnings from experienced practitioners on the 7 key things to get right when scaling agile.

After interviewing dozens of practitioners, we summarized the learnings on agile transformations in a “sailboat retro”-format and developed 7 free learning modules to address the challenges. This webinar is one of them.

The "Agile Transformation" Sailboat Map

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